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Dross Eliminator

PK Metal - MS2®

(Covered under United States Patent # 7,861,915, also covered under patents in China, Mexico, and Russia with other patents pending.)

Unlike conventional powders, oils, mechanical separators and even nitrogen blankets, MS2® molten solder surfactant doesn't just reduce solder dross in wave soldering machines—it actually eliminates it.
By eliminating dross, MS2® molten solder surfactant allows manufacturers to reduce their solder usage by as much as 70%, depending on production volume, resulting in significant cost savings.
Dross is formed when molten solder comes into contact with oxygen. Dross consists of metal oxides plus otherwise good solder metal that is bound up with the oxides and is thus unavailable for soldering. This bound-up metal makes up as much as 70% or more of the total amount of dross, which in a typical wave solder machine can amount to as much as 3 lbs. or more per hour.

Immediate ROI

  • Reduces solder usage 40-75% based on production volume
  • Eliminates dross-related soldering defects and rework
  • Greatly reduces the cost of managing hazardous waste

MS2® molten solder surfactant, which is available for both leaded and lead-free processes, is a nontoxic, nonvolatile, organic liquid that is poured onto the surface of the solder bath.
About 200–300 ml is the average amount for an initial charge; a smaller amount of fresh product is usually added once or twice per shift.
MS2® molten solder surfactant does not mix with the metal but forms a thin floating layer that covers areas of the solder surface excluding the wave, which it does not disturb. There are no fumes or odor and no residue is deposited on boards or components. 

When MS2® molten solder surfactant is added to the
solder bath, it prevents dross from forming on the surface,
and any dross generated by the exposed solder
wave is immediately converted back into usable metal,
so no dross accumulates.
Furthermore, MS2® molten solder surfactant keeps on
removing metal oxides as solder is pumped through the
system, cleansing and purifying the bath. The result is
lower surface tension; enhanced wetting and fewer solder-
related defects have also been observed.
As the layer of MS2® molten solder surfactant continues
to convert dross back to metal, it will become thicker
and more viscous, and can be easily removed with a
supplied skimmer. The small volume of spent material
can then be inexpensively shipped back to P. Kay Metal
for recycling.



MS2 201 LF - MS2 Molton Solder Surfactant

MS2 molten solder surfactant can reduce solder usage by as much as 85%, 
while eliminating many of the dross-related soldering defects and rework.

MS2 101 PB - Molten Solder Surfactant

The active ingredients in the MS2 molten solder surfactant complexes
with metal oxides in the leaded solder bath dross and render them soluble
in the bulk material. This material is also unique in its dual role as a heat
stable oxygen barrier and as an oxide scavenger.

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